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My Approach

My approach incorporates a range of theories of counselling and psychotherapy including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, humanistic, and working relational.

I build a therapeutic relationship with my clients providing a safe and supportive environment of trust in a well-balanced environment of understanding, empathy and with a non-judgmental approach to support positive change.

Whilst counselling may feel daunting for some, I believe that great awareness of one’s mind can give a more open state of being, and that you become more attuned to your own feelings, thoughts, and desires.


My role is to provide you with a safe space within, whilst we explore the meaning of what you bring.  I aim to support you to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings whilst you build your awareness in order to make positive choices.

"What it makes us realise – once again – is that who we are and what we do occurs only, and always within a rich matrix of relationships; it is only through these relationships that we exist; that we grow, change, and do what we do."

- Trautmann & Erskine

My Experience

I have supported clients with a wide range of issues and have worked with the following.

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Confidence

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Family Conflicts

  • Depression

  • Health Issues

  • Relationship Issues

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Work Issues

  • Personal Development and Growth

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Training and Background

During my training I volunteered at The Awareness Centre in Clapham and within the NHS working with adults in both long-term and short-term counselling. I currently work with children voluntarily within a secondary school.

I spent 15 years as a professional in the design industry with a BA Hons in Fashion and Design Studies. I understand the pressures of a work environment, and the everyday demands in life to get things right, to please others and those unspoken expectations.

My voyage of self-discovery had begun before my career change, with an interest in Mindfulness and Buddhism. 


“I have been working with Sarah for around a year and half now and in that time, I have made so much progress. Sarah manages to create a friendly environment of calm and trust, whilst being totally professional. Over the time we have worked together Sarah's non-judgmental support allows me to explore any issues I have in a safe space.

This positive environment and bond has allowed me to work through many things from past traumas to everyday events. She has helped me by helping me to see things from an outside perspective whilst also allowing me to validate my emotions and experiences. Working with Sarah has changed my opinion of Therapy and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need”.

— Tasha

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